I want to make rings that suit anyone

Thank you for visiting the ELGIR website among the many jewelry brands.

The ELGIR rings are products born from my worries.
When I was looking for a men's ring with jewels, I noticed that most of the items sold in stores and online were for women.

That made me thought “I want to make rings with jewels that suit men too!” This idea gave me more thoughts
“Maybe women also want to wear men's rings, but they don't have a right size ...”
“Couples want to share a ring together but there are only simple designs...”

“I want to make rings that look good on everyone.”
Through a year of the development and completion of concept.

ELGIR is committed to deliver nice rings for as many people as possible.

Kazuki Kanamoto
Chief Executive Officer ELGIR

Born in 1994. Graduated Ritsumeikan Univ.